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We've Created A Stir

Time and time again, The P Spot® has proven itself as the leading exotic fitness provider in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. We've won over the most trusted critics, writers and reporters, who all agree that our studio is the place to be! As a service-based business that was built on positive word-of-mouth, we are honored to have been spotlighted by all the newspapers, magazines, television networks, blogs and community organizations below.

Fit!Live!Win! The Benefits Of Pole Fitness Explained

Aug 3, 2015By NewsOne Now

"Michaela Jones, pole fitness instructor and manager of The P Spot Fitness Studio, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for this week’s installment of Fit!Live!Win! to explain how pole dancing can not only be fun, but help you stay fit.

Jones, who has been “on the pole” for 10 years, explained the idea behind this unique workout.

“If you can find an enjoyable, beneficial approach to fitness, then the person is going to do it for a long term,” she said.

“You can run on a treadmill, you can take a walk, you can work out with dumbbells and barbells, but that stuff is painstaking on the mind. When it’s cold outside and you’re tired, you’re not going to get up and get motivated to go lift a dumbbell or a barbell.”

“However, every girl wants to swing on the pole,” she said jokingly.

According to Jones, a Georgetown graduate, participants in her 45-minute pole fitness class burn between 400 – 600 calories per class. She also touted the challenging nature of the exercise/dance routine saying, “The fitness of it is being able to maintain your own body weight on this vertical structure.”

“I even have personal trainers that come in that are used to doing traditional push-ups and pull-ups, but they cannot mount the pole — why? It’s a total different requirement of muscles,” she said.

Jones, who opened one of the first pole dancing studios in Washington D.C., credits the surge in popularity and increase in social acceptability in pole dancing to media mogul Oprah Winfrey. After Oprah had a guest on her show to “put the stamp on it,” Jones said, “it made it OK.”

Watch Roland Martin and pole fitness instructor Michaela Jones discuss how pole dancing can help you get fit and stay fit in the video clip above."


ria mainstreet
Air Date: 09.20.16

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LaVar Says "Thanks Michaela"
Michaela talks women's fitness and how Exoterobics creates wellness
from the inside out, with the
producers of the hit DC50 show.

Air Date: 02/23/12
Source: DC50 The WB

Climbing That Economic Pole
Check out this CNN spotlight, where company owner, Michaela Brown is
interviewed by reporter Sandra Endo...

Air Date: 02/24/11
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Rollin' With EZ Street
Michaela sits down with popular
radio personality, EZ Street to
discuss how our brand of exotic-
fitness enhances relationships,
self-confidence and etc.

Air Date: 12/15/08
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We're "Present" at Roll Call
"...But it’s the 6-inch stilettos coupled
with the standing, squatting, gyrating
and spinning around a pole that
makes looking sexy a real challenge -
especially for the newbie."
read more
Published: 10/06/09 by Christie Williams
Source: Roll Call

"Please Tease Me"
"PoleFit isn't your average
aerobics/ strength-training class...
this offers more toning than any
Carmen Electra DVD..."
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Published: 07/03/07 by Julia Beizer
Source: Washington Post Express Paper
Capitol Hill Pole-sters
"Capitol Hill women burn stress,
stay in shape with 'Exoterobics'...
Its strip, pole, chairwork and
floorwork classes are “really just…
fitness class[es] with different
equipment and in higher heels..."
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Published: 09/30/10 by Kris Kitto
Source: The Hill

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