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General Q&A

Question 1: I'm interested in getting together a small group of friends for a class. What are my options?
Groups have 2 options; attend a group exercise class together or book a private class.

Attend A Regular Exoterobics Class As A Group
Multiple students in a group can attend one of our daily exotic fitness classes as a group, simply by confirming proper availability and registering either individually or as a group. Each class is $20/person and can be accessed online. This option is open to the public and is based on our pre-scheduled class line up.

Here are registration instructions for this option:
  1. Click the "register button" located at the left side of the page. (Beneath the "Get Started" menu.)
  2. Select the number of participants for which you are registering. (Select "1" if you are just paying for yourself, or another number reflecting your group size if you are paying for the group.)
  3. Once you alter the number of participants, the schedule below will show you all the classes that have that number of spots available, so select the green "book" button next to your preferred class. (If your preferred class on your preferred date does not appear, then this may mean that there are not enough available spots to accommodate your group size; also note that you may scroll through the registration calendar by using either the "pick a date" or "following days" buttons just above the registration calendar.)
  4. From there, simply follow the on screen prompts until you reach a confirmation page with a booking number. By this point, you would have created a user account, check a box accepting the policies and procedures and rendered payment You should also expect to receive a confirmation email when you are done.
Book A Private Party For Your Group
You may also book a private party session for you and your group. Unlike our regular classes, these sessions must be booked at least 7 days in advance, by appointment only and at a flat rate. This session is also closed to the public and just for you and your friends.

You may view our private party packages and pricing, here: http://bringitupsexy.com/privateparties/

Availability for Private Parties is ever-changing as people are constantly booking online. That said, the best way to check availability is online via our website, as this reflects the most up to date account of what times/dates are available. To determine real-time availability (and subsequently to book), simply:
  1. Click the “Book Now” button beside your preferred party package.
  2. Click the “next” button once the package has been added to your shopping cart.
  3. Once the availability calendar is displayed, select your preferred date(s), and all real-time availability for the date will appear.
  4. If you’d like to continue with the booking process from there, you may select the a time, and then subsequently additional options and submit your payment on the next screen.”
Question 2: Can I take photos or record video in class?
In Exoterobics class - NO; in a private party/session/lesson - YES.

Unfortunately, we do not allow any photographic or video recording while class is in session. (We actually do not allow any cell phones or digital devices to be brought into the studio, either.) This is to ensure that everyone's privacy is well kept and to also promote a comfortable and stress-free fitness environment. You are, however allowed to photograph or video yourself after class, once the studio is cleared, for a few moments.

Attire-Related Q&A

Question 1: Are students allowed to wear their own high heel shoes?
Unfortunately students are not allowed to wear their own high heel shoes in class. Students who elect to wear high heel shoes, must wear shoes provided by our studio by way of rent or purchase. Students should note, however, that the usage of high heel shoes is never required, and all students have the option of participating in their own sneakers or bare feet.
Question 2: What should I wear for class?
Students are encouraged to wear clothing that is conducive to sweating and moving around vigorously. This includes but is not limited to shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, dance/yoga pants, sneakers, etc.

Students attending pole-based classes may find it helpful to wear clothing that allows for their legs and arms to be exposed. This may include shorts, pants that are easily rolled above the knee, tank tops, etc.

Students attending pole-based, chair-based or other non-mat based exotic dance classes are also encourage to wear high heel shoes (rented or purchased from our studio) to enhance their Exoterobics experience.

Cancellations & Changes-Related Q&A

Question 1: How do I cancel a class, workshop or event that I have booked?
A student may cancel her registration for Exoterobics® class up to 24 hours prior to the class. (Some exceptions apply in the case of vouchers.) Each workshop, course or event may have its own cancellation guidelines, specified in its own program description. No matter the booking type, to cancel or change it:
  1. Log In to your online user account.
  2. Select the "Your Bookings" option located on the right side of the screen in your "customer area."
  3. Locate and select the registration you want to cancel.
  4. Click the "cancel my booking" button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click "cancel my booking" again, to confirm your cancellation.
Question 2: How do I change a class that I have scheduled?
A student may change her registration up to 24 hours prior to class (Some exceptions apply in the case of promotional vouchers.) Here's how:
  1. Login to your user account.
  2. Select the "Your Bookings" option located on the right side of your customer area.
  3. Locate and select the registration you want to change.
  4. Change the class information under the details tab to reflect the details of the new class you want.
  5. Select "ok" to process your change.
Question 3: I want to cancel a class that I was scheduled to attend tonight. Am I able to do that?
Students may cancel Exoterobics classes only up to 24 hours prior to the start of class. So, if your class takes place tonight, then unfortunately you will not be able to cancel, change or recoup payment for your class.
Question 4: It is currently 8pm, and I want to cancel a class I have scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm. But I do not see an option to cancel when I login. Please advise?
The option to cancel an Exoterobics class, online, disappears within 24 hours of the class, pursuant to our cancellation policy for fitness classes. In this case, even though your class takes place tomorrow, your attempt to cancel is within 24 hours of the class's start time and subsequently you are not able to make the cancellation.

Class-Related Q&A

Question 1: What class(es) is best for "beginners?"
All of our classes are suited for students of all experience and fitness levels. Our classes, though physically challenging for most students, are broken down into easy-to-follow moves and routines. So newcomers should feel encouraged to start with any class or classes that fit their interest(s) and/or personal schedule.
Question 2: What's the difference between Lap Dancerobics and Chairwork?
Our Lap Dancerobics and Chairwork curriculums are similar in that they involve the use of a chair. However, the routine for Lap Dancerobics assumes that "someone" is sitting in the chair while you are dancing on it; and Chairwork assumes that "someone" is watching you dance on the chair from afar.

Both offer incredible core and lower body workouts and feature dance routines you could take home to the bedroom.
Question 3: What's the difference between Pole Fitness and Pole Tricks?
Both classes consist of moves and routines that involve a dance pole. However, Pole Fitness is more fitness-based, using standard pole manuevers to overload the body's muscles and exhaust your cardio system. Pole Tricks, on the other hand, is a more skilled-based classes that focuses on developing and advance specific manuevers such as inversions, aerial poses, and dynamic swings.

Both classes offer students a full-body workout and both are well-suited for students of all experience levels.
Question 4: I am interested in attending a class on a particular date; is there space available?
Our registration calendar not only offers students the ability to view specific class details such as descriptions, instructors and start times. But it also displays class space and availability details right on the page. To view class availability:

  1. Access of online registration calendar.
  2. Select your class preferences to view a specific listing of classes or leave all the options categories blank to view our entire weekly calendar.
  3. Use the "pick date" or "following days" buttons to scroll through our calendar and view real time class infromation dayas, weeks and months in advance.
Question 5: Do you offer free introductory classes?
While we do not offer free introductory classes, we do offer pretty competitive single-class rate of $20 for students who simply want to try out our classes. If you decide to continue attending class thereafter, you may continue to do so on a single-class basis or by purchasing a discount class package. Information on both can be viewed here.

Facilities-Related Q&A

Question 1: How many poles does your studio have?
Our studio current houses 14 dance poles - 1 dedicated to the instructor; and 13 for students/participants. View the inside of our studio here.
Question 2: Is there a weight limit for your poles?
The manufacturer's suggested weight limit is 200 lb. However, students that are heavier than 200 lbs. are still encouraged to try our pole-based class because our instruction teachers students of all sizes how to safe bare, maintain and lift their own bodyweight on the pole, before trying more hazardous/strenuous manuevers.

Party & Lessons-Related Q&A

Question 1: Do you offer special group rates for Bachelorette parties?
Yes. We offer tons of "private party" and group lessons rates for groups celebrating Bachelorettes, birthdays, girls night out and other special events. Details, pricing and availability can be viewed here.
Question 2: How many people can attend my private party? Are there any minimum or maximum guest requirements?
Our party packages are priced at a flat rate, no matter how many participants there are. This means that you may bring as many people as you'd like. However, party organizers should keep in mind that our studio houses 13 student poles; so if you're booking a pole-based lesson and the total number of participants exceeds that, then guests will be evenly divided amongst the poles accordingly. For instance, if there are 13 or less participants, then all guests will be on their respective poles the entire time. Contrarily, if a party consists of, let's say 20 people, then the group will be divided into two groups of 10, and each guest will spend half of the allotted time on the pole, since they would have to share their pole with another.
Question 3: How do I check/confirm availabilty for my preffered party/lesson date?
Availability for private parties and lessons is ever-changing as people are constantly booking online. That said, the best way to check availability is online via our registration portal, which reflects the most up to date account of what times and dates are available.

To check real-time availability, simply:

  1. Click the "Book Now" button beside your preferred party or lesson package.
  2. After you select your format and optional add-ons, select a date from the booking calendar.
  3. Once you select a date, you may view all the available time slots for your session type and date on the right side of the screen.
Question 4: I'm interested in scheduling a private twerk class at your studio for my birthday and I noticed that only Pole-Dancing and Exotic Dance Medley can be scheduled online? Is a Twerk session possible?
We can definitely accommodate your request to conduct a Twerk-themed lesson instead of our default formats. Once you book, simply send us a direct email, informing us of your preference. At that time, a note will be added to your booking for the instructor.
Question 5: Do you guys at the end of the night combining the moves for a grand finale show or you just take pictures?
Yes, the night ends with a final routine, made up of all the moves you learn during your session. Here's how the party time typically breaks down:
Check-in (5-10 minutes)
Group Photo(s) (5 minutes)
Dance Lessons & Choreography (Quickie Package: 45 minutes; Teaser: 1 Hour 40 Minutes)
Grand Finale & Presentations (5 minutes)
Question 6: Do you offer private dance lessons for couples?
Yes, we do offer private couples lessons. Here's the link to that service, with all details: Couples Lessons
Question 7: I'm planning a private party for my birthday and wanted to know if I can bring a birthday cake?
Unfortunately we do not allow food or beverages outside of water inside the studio. You are more than welcome to bring the cake in and leave it at the front desk, but you would have to consume it elsewhere.

Registration-Related Q&A

Question 1: What's the best way to register?
Students have the option to register online or in-person at our facility on a walk-in basis. Online registration via our registration portal is typically the fastest and most efficient way to book classes and services, because it allows students to determine class space an availability, view specific class details (such as who the instructor is) and quickly book a class/lesson using any major credit/debit card or existing PayPal account. Online registration also insures a student's place in class (or your lesson's time slot), once you have completed checkout.
Question 2: How do I change a class that I have booked?
A student may cancel or change her registration up to 24 hours prior to the class. Here's how:
  1. Log In to your online user account.
  2. Select the "Your Bookings" option located on the right side of the screen in your "customer area."
  3. Locate and select the registration you want to change.
  4. Click and change the necessary information to reflect the details of your new class.
  5. Continue the checkout process and click "confirm booking" to complete your changes.
Question 3: I booked a class and have my PayPal receipt, but I did not receive a confirmation email. Am I registered? Can you confirm my registration?
An automated confirmation email is generated immediately after a customer completes her registration, and is sent to the email address associated with online user account you created. Additionally, a reminder email is sent to that same email address, 8 hours prior to the class. So first, you should check the inbox of the email address associated with your user profile, and then if that fails, check your spam folder.

You may also view past, current and future registrations by logging into your online user account. Here's how:
  1. Login to your user account.
  2. Select the "Your Bookings" option located on the right side of your Customer Area page.
  3. View a list of your completed bookings.
Question 4: The registration page only shows me classes for this week. How can I view and register for classes that take place after this week.
Students are able to view our class schedule up to 6 months out; however, the default display of classes is for the current week. So on your screen, you may only see the classes that are held during the next 7 days. To view classes after that, simply click either the "pick a date" or "following days" button on the registration page, located on the right side of the screen, directly beneath the pink "Date & Time" bar. The "pick a date" button will allow you to pick a specific date from a drop down calendar. The "following days" button will allow you to view next week's schedule, and the upcoming schedule on a future week by week basis.

Promotional Voucher-Related Q&A

Question 1: I have a Groupon for 3 classes, but I am only being credited for 1 of the 3 classes that I'm trying to schedule. Please help.
Per steps 3-5 of the Voucher Redemption Instructions on our site, your voucher number must be entered once before each class selection in order for the appropriate credits to be applied. For example, if you are booking 3 classes during 1 visit to our site, using the same voucher, then you would have entered that number a total of 3 separate times, after clicking the "add another class" button. For detailed voucher redemption instructions, click here.
Question 2: My Groupon voucher indicates that the classes must be "redeemed" by a set expiration date. Does this mean that I must take the classes by then?
Yes. All of your classes must be used and attended by the expiration date printed on your voucher.

Also, please note that:
  1. All classes must be attended by the expiration date in order for you to redeem the full promotional value of your voucher. (In other words, any classes that are left unused after the expiration date will be forfeited.)
  2. Cancellations and changes are final as of the expiration date.
Question 3: My voucher has expired. Am I still able to use it?
Once a voucher expires, it automatically becomes a gift certificate for our studio, worth the amount you paid (and minus the true value of what you have already redeemed, if applicable.)

So, if your expired voucher is completely unused, then it is now worth the amount you paid for it (the "paid value"). This gift certificate can be applied to the cost of any class, merchandise or service sold at our studio, and the credit never expires. To redeem your expired voucher/gift certificate/company credit, simply enter your 8-digit redemption code (found in the center of your voucher) into the promotion code box located at the top of the registration page, and book class(es) accordingly. Also, you'll want to keep in mind that the gift certificate is for one-time use, so to get the full value out of it, you'll want to put at least enough in your shopping cart to equal the value of your gift certificate.

If your voucher was partially used, then your voucher may still have value in the case that the amount that was redeemed is less than what you paid for the voucher itself. If you think that your partially used voucher still has value, then please contact us directly by email or by phone at 202-269-0959.
Question 4: I have a 3-class Groupon, and have only booked 1 class, but my Groupon account shows my voucher as been "redeemed." How do I book the rest of my classes.
Yes, your voucher gets marked as redeemed on the Groupon site, as soon as you start using your voucher, for administrative purposes. This does not interfere with your ability to redeem all of your classes on our site, though.
Question 5: My voucher has been marked as redeeemed, though I have a few classes remaining on my Groupon; and I can no longer view my redemption number. Can you provide me with my Groupon redemption number?
Yes, once a student uses some or all of the voucher, we are obligated to report that to Groupon and it appears that they mark it as redeemed on their end. Nevertheless, your voucher is still valid with us, via our website. Regarding recouping your redemption code, you have a few options:
  1. Email us from the email address that you have on file with us via your user account, so that we can verify your identity. Upon doing so, we can email you the redemption code you used for your initial booking.
  2. Try to locate the confirmation email from your first class registration. Your registration number is provided on the confirmation email we send you.
  3. Try to locate the pdf copy of the voucher you purchased. The redemption code is available on that voucher.

Pricing & Discounts-Related Q&A

Question 1: Do you offer free introductory classes?
While we do not offer free introductory classes, we do offer pretty competitive single-class rate of $20 for students who simply want to try out our classes. If you decide to continue attending class thereafter, you may continue to do so on a single-class basis or by purchasing a discount class package. Information on both can be viewed here.
Question 2: Do you offer a monthly membership?
While we do not offer memberships, that are automatically billed on a monthly basis, we do offer several competitive class pass options, including a monthly class pass. Class pass information can be viewed here.
Question 3: I'd like to attend multiple classes. What is the price and how do I go about purchasing classes?
Classes can be purchased individually or via discount class packages. All pricing and buying options can be viewed on our "Shop Around" page.
Question 4:: What are your walk-in rates for Exoterobics® Classes?
The walk-in rate for our classes is the same as the online pre-registration rate, which is $19.99 per class. The main advantage of pre-registration is a confirmed spot; our classes tend to be very popular and subsequently very competitive to get into, so when you pre-register, there is no chance of you being turned away.